Steakholder Foods

Cultured Meat Leader Steakholder Eyes $110b Seafood Industry and Asian Markets

Throughout history, innovation has often been born out of a desire to address the most critical challenges faced by humankind. One such challenge that continues to grow is  that close to a billion people are undernourished as a result of a lack of access to nutritional food sources. Many companies in the food tech industry are emerging today to tackle food security. Cultured meat has already been identified as one of the best solutions that could potentially make significant progress in this area.

Steakholder foods. (Nasdaq: STKH. Formerly MeaTech 3D), an Israeli food technology startup founded in 2019, is one of the cultured meat pioneers attempting to change the global food industry with its groundbreaking cultured meat production technologies. While its initial activities have mainly been focused on beef, chicken and pork, the company is currently firing on all cylinders to maximize its growth potential by tapping into new markets and business verticals.


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