Steakholder Foods

Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D (MITC) is positioned for long-term sector leadership

Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D (Nasdaq: MITC), is a global food technology company developing advanced biotechnology and engineering capabilities to produce slaughter-free meat which is delicious, nutritious and safer than farm-raised meat. The company’s goal is to develop a replacement for conventional steak by maximizing cell-based content rather than using non-meat ingredients. By producing cultivated meat which better mirrors the characteristics of premium farm-raised steak, Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D, is positioning itself to benefit from growing demand for meat solutions which are healthier and more sustainable for the planet without the need to compromise on taste, texture and nutrition. Importantly, the company has made a number of announcements in recent weeks which solidify its position as a cultured meat technology leader in the sector.


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