Steakholder Foods

Steakholder Foods: Pioneering the Meat of the Future

Steakholder Foods – Making Meat Right

The global demand for meat is growing

The meat industry is highly pollutive

8% of the world’s water is used for raising livestock

At least 18% of the greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere are from livestock industry

33% of croplands are used for animal feed production.

200,000,000 animals are slaughtered daily

By 2040, conventional meat supply will drop by 33%

Steakholder Foods is developing a solution

From cultured cells to 3d bioprinting structured meat

We’re developing a better way to produce quality meat.

Our solution is simple – an umbilical cord sample is taken without harming the animal

A cell line is developed for continuous cell reproduction

Cells are differentiated into inks

The different cell types are accurately 3d bio-printed

The 3d printed structures are placed in incubators

The finished printed meat can be served fresh or frozen and packaged.